How to keep your park home warm as the temperature drops this autumn

As the seasons change and temperatures drop many of us spend more time in doors. Here are some top tips to help you keep your park home warm and cosy and they may even help you to save money on heating bills…

Close your curtains at night- During the day the sunlight can work to keep in the heat, however at night windows can get cold and as windows aren’t great insulators the cold can get in. The best way to prevent losing heat is to close your curtains and blinds in order to add an extra barrier to heat loss, add insulation and reduce draughts.

Cover your walls- You can significantly reduce energy losses by covering the walls on the inside of your park home. Even something such as a poster or photograph will help add an extra layer of insulating air. Pushing furniture such as book shelves up against the walls can work in a similar way.

Cover your doors- Doors often let in draughts and can be poor insulators. Covering your door with a curtain or investing in a draught excluder to place at the foot of your door can help to prevent the cold getting in.

Position your furniture in a place that will keep you warm- How warm a room feels can often depend on where you are positioned. If possible position the furniture in your park home in a way that makes it feel warm and cosy. By sitting closer to the inside of the home you will instantly feel warmer.