How to pick the perfect walking boots

Investing in a good pair of walking boots is a must for any walker. Getting it wrong can be a big (and sometimes painful mistake). Here are some great tips to help you pick the perfect walking boots.

First of all you need to decide which type of hiking boots you need for the type of activity you will be doing.

The four main types of boots on the market are:

-Backpacking boots which are usually light, waterproof, and extremely durable with extra grip.

– Light hiking boots which are usually light, have added comfort and are breathable in order to prevent the build-up of sweat and make them more comfortable.

– Walking boots which are perfect for dog walking, durable, breathable, waterproof and have extra grip.

-Walking shoes which are usually very light, waterproof and have added comfort. These are also suitable for dog walking.

Once you have chosen the right hiking boots to suit the activity some other great tips are:

Wear the right socks- sweat glands in your feet produce around half a pint of perspiration so it’s important to wear proper outdoor socks that are moisture absorbent.

Try boots on at the end of the day- your feet swell during the day so the best time to try on new boots is when they are at their biggest in the evening.

Put them on correctly- the best way to put on a pair of walking boots is to angle your foot, rest your heel on the ground, lace your boots and then place the tongue so it’s fixed centrally to ensure you have them on policy.

Spend some time in your boots– it is a good idea to take a walk in your boots and see if the fit is right and it they are the right boots for you.

Hope these tips help, happy hiking!