Naturally we hope you won’t have any accidents or misfortune, but if you do and you wish to make a claim, please call the appropriate Claims team on the number below.

Static caravan, touring caravan, folding caravan, trailer tent, park home, holiday lodge or static holiday home claims

01892 786099
Monday to Friday, 9.00am–5.30pm

Park home or holiday lodge claims

If you are underwritten with Brit or Aviva and you are calling between 5:30pm – 9am please call 0117 987 4876

Motorhome claims – in the UK

Underwritten with:

LV – Call 0800 028 9655
AXA – Call 0345 608 0230

Horsebox claims + breakdown

In the event of a breakdown call

If you are insured with:

LV – Call 0800 028 9655
KGM – Call 0333 555 909
Breakdown Silverknight – Call 01904 238261

When making a claim

At the time of making a claim, you will be asked for:

  • Your insurance policy reference number
  • Your name, address and telephone number(s)
  • The cause of the damage or loss
  • The date of the incident

In the case of touring caravans or motorhomes, you will also be asked for details of the place where the loss or damage occurred.

If you have an accident

If you are involved in an accident with someone else which results in your caravan, camper or motorhome being damaged, it is important to collect as much information as possible at the time, including:

  • The name, address and contact number of the third party
  • Details of their insurance company and their insurance policy number (if possible)
  • Their vehicle registration number, plus make and model details of their vehicle and any trailer or caravan
  • If possible, make a sketch or take photos
  • Note the names and contact details of any witnesses

Reporting a theft

If your caravan, camper or motorhome or any insured contents are stolen, you first need to contact the local Police who will allocate you a crime reference number. Please make a note of this number as it may help if you then need to make an insurance claim.

In the event that you wish to make a complaint you may contact us on:

Coast Insurance
The Old Bank
High Street
East Sussex

If you were sold this product online or by other electronic means and within the European Union (EU) you may refer your complaint to the EU Online dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. Upon receipt of your complaint the ODR will escalate your complaint to your local dispute resolution service – this process is free and conducted entirely online. You can access the ODR platform on

Alternatively, should you remain dissatisfied with our final response, you may, if eligible, refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent service in the UK for settling disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services.

The FOS’s contact details are as follows:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR   Telephone: +44 (0)300 123 9 123  Website: