Introducing the Jeep ActionCamper

Not everyone’s idea of a good holiday is off-roading in challenging territories, but if that sounds right up your street then you might be interested in Jeep’s ActionCamper.

The two person capacity ActionCamper has been developed for expeditions and overlanding. Inside, the camper has a king size bed and a three burner stove and sink combination, the faucet of which can be extended as a shower. The dining area can also be fitted with a shower option.

The demountable system is fitted to a Jeep Wrangler with tailgate, rear seat, seatbelts and rear roll cage removed to reduce the overall weight.

The campervan includes several features designed for extreme conditions. For instance, it has a pop up roof can still be used when closed – perfect for sleeping or cooking during a sandstorm! It also has a 40-litre refrigerator that can be opened from the front seat by the passenger when the vehicle is moving.

Jeep’s ActionCamper is available for £33,500. However if you’d prefer a motorhome for a more sedate summer holiday, Coast can offer you a competitive quote on your campervan insurance. To chat to our sales team about your motorhome insurance call Freephone 0800 614 849.