Invest in a trailer tent this summer

Although we’re mostly known for our caravan, motorhome and park home insurance, Coast also offers insurance cover for trailer tents.

If you are looking to upgrade to caravanning from camping, a trailer tent can be a sensible option to trial your life outdoors – on wheels!

There are some great advantages to investing in a trailer tent. For instance, the beds are always made up for use so you don’t have to fuss about creating a sleeping space every night. Plus being off the ground means you won’t wake up to feel damp seeping into your sleeping bag!

Trailer tents are easy to erect and dismount as well, reducing the time and stress it takes at either end of the holiday. The fact they are smaller and lighter in weight than a caravan also reduces the fuel cost when towing it around.

In between holidays, trailer tents are easy to store as they are much smaller than a touring caravan. They are also very straightforward to hitch onto your car when you do decide to go away.

For those of you thinking of buying a trailer tent, even though incidence of theft and damage are relatively low, Coast recommends that you take out trailer tent insurance just in case something bad happens while you’re on holiday or the tent is in storage.

Call Coast on Freephone 0800 614 849 for information on insuring your trailer tent.