Lancashire hairdresser launches trim tourer!

Mobile hairdressing isn’t a new concept, however a Leyland stylist has added her own twist by offering trims and tints from a touring caravan!

Hairdresser and make up artist Sarah Astbury came up with the innovative idea after she won £36,000 during an appearance on the Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal in 2006.

Sarah’s partner Andy Walsh happened to mention a memory of having his hair cut in a caravan during the 1950s, which gave her the inspiration for her retro haircut service.

Using some money from her TV winnings, Sarah purchased a caravan online late last year and set about renovating it during the winter months for its new service.

“We took everything out and changed the seats into a waiting area and put a barber chair in,” she commented to her local newspaper, the Lancashire Evening Post. “It is better than I expected it to look.”

Among the nostalgic features are pictures of Marilyn Monroe on the walls, a jukebox playing 1950s music and black and white tiles on the floor. Ms Astbury will take her new ‘rolling barber’ service to fetes and shows in the Lancashire area, offering men’s haircuts.

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