Lincolnshire caravanner’s lucky escape

The weather has been somewhat extreme over the last few weeks, so we were glad to hear that a caravan enthusiast from Lincolnshire was unhurt when his leisure vehicle was caught up in a tornado!

David Sinclair from Long Sutton was enjoying a quiet break in his caravan recently when a tornado struck his campsite. His caravan was picked up by the strong winds and flipped over repeatedly, coming to rest in a nearby wildlife park.

“I was just sitting in my caravan when I heard a sudden downpour of rain,” Sinclair told Caravan Times. “Then all of a sudden the wind started whipping around the caravan and all off a sudden the caravan lifted into the air.”

David was taken to the local hospital for a check-up following the encounter but luckily he escaped with just a few cuts and bruises. His caravan, however, was written off in the incident.

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