Maintaining your caravan

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As well as keeping up to date with your caravan insurance, maintaining your caravan is absolutely crucial.  Some people believe that the only thing you need to do is service your caravan each year.  Whilst this is important, the below routine maintenance checks should always be complete before each journey.

  • Tyre pressure and conditioning. You may with to consider replacing any tyres more than 5 years old.
  • Check the wheel rims for any damage.  This could lead to tyre deflation over time.
  • Electrics, including lights and the leisure battery.
  • Tightness of wheel nuts.  Always carry a torque wrench just in case.
  • Keep the coupling head greased.
  • Battery charge or purchase a new one if necessary.
  • Check the breakaway cable and clip.
  • Check all gas connections and hoses.
  • Check the flame colour and ensure it stays blue.
  • Do a test on the RCD cut-off switch? Always check this each time you hook up.
  • Water hoses must be tight.  Also check for any deterioration.
  • Ensure all ventilation exits are clear.

A professional could check the following

  • Gas equipment and all connections.
  • Main electrical supply.
  • The chassis and all brakes.
  • Checking for damp.
  • Bodywork repairs.
  • Checking and refitting of brake drums where necessary.

If you carry out these checks you should be able to get the best out of your caravan.