Mistakes made whilst travelling

Everyone is guilty of making silly mistakes whilst travelling, here is a list of some of the most common mistakes to help you avoid making them on your travels. 

Over packing- there’s nothing worse than being on holiday and realising that you’ve jammed all your luggage in, but haven’t actually used half of the things you’ve packed.  Think logically.  You don’t need to take you whole house with you for one week away.

Not properly checking out your accommodation- make sure you aren’t left feeling disappointed with your accommodation by reading reviews and checking out their website online before booking. Booking into a cheap campsite with little research may sound like a great idea at the time, but you may end up hating yourself when you are stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be.

Not researching the local area- don’t be fooled into booking a site which states that it is near something important to you and then be disappointed to find that you have a different understanding of the word ‘near’ to the travel website. Websites such as Google maps are great to give you an insight into the real distance before making your booking.

Spending time looking for a great restaurant and going back to the first one you saw- researching the area and top rated restaurants before you go could be one way to avoid this. Trusting your instincts is another. If you think it looks good, go for it. Or stay at your campsite and have a BBQ. Be sure to check out this great blog for BBQ safety guidance!

Taking millions of pictures and never looking at them again- taking 5 pictures of the same statue is not only a waste of your holiday time but also when you get home and have to sort through all the pictures. Think to yourself whilst taking a picture, will I ever look at this again? If the answer is no then put the camera away!