Mobile phone charger starts caravan blaze

A couple holidaying in Cornwall received a nasty shock when they awoke to find their caravan had caught fire due to a suspected fault with their mobile phone charger.

The pair were staying at Lanarth Caravan Park, St Kew Highway, as part of their summer break from their home in London. At around 3 o’clock in the morning their sleep was disturbed by smoke and flames.

Luckily they managed to escape unharmed, however the same can’t be said for their touring caravan: it was burnt to cinders and, according to website This Is Cornwall, the intense heat also damaged their BMW car parked beside the caravan.

This unfortunate tale is an important reminder to test your electrical items regularly and not to leave things plugged in when they’re not in use. Of course items such as phone chargers are usually required at night, so it’s worth making sure your caravan insurance is up to date just in case the worst case scenario occurs.

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