Motorhome parking advice for Blue Badge holders

If you hold a Blue Badge and drive a motorhome, finding a suitable parking spot can prove difficult. With this in mind, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued some advice on finding a safe and accessible location for your motorhome.

Sometimes designated spaces are not available for Blue Badge holders and, sadly, sometimes parking areas are occupied by those who don’t have a badge. Whether you’re parking in a specially marked space or not, here are the IAM’s top tips:

  • Reverse into your space if possible as it makes getting out much easier
  • Make sure you’re within the lines either side of the space, as you need to allow enough room each side in case the person in your neighbouring space is a wheelchair user
  • If there is another insured driver in your motorhome and you’re having trouble finding a spot, ask them to drop you off and they can then look for a space further away
  • Avoid parking near sharp bends, junctions and on busy roads as this increases the chances of your motorhome being damaged
  • If you’re travelling abroad, check whether the countries you are travelling through recognise your Blue Badge
  • Never let other people use your badge – this is illegal

“It is a great shame that the worth-while Blue Badge scheme has a negative reputation amongst many people,” said the IAM’s Peter Rodger. “With a little consideration and understanding, Blue Badge parking can be beneficial for everyone. ”

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