Motorhome swapping takes the UK by storm!

You may be familiar with the concept of exchanging homes for an affordable holiday, but how about swapping your motorhome or caravan? That’s the latest vacation craze being pioneered by a new UK based website,

Motorhome Holiday Swap gives outdoor living enthusiasts across the world an opportunity to meet fellow fifth wheel owners, before arranging trips to exotic destinations from Australia to the USA!

The website works by matching caravan and motorhome owners with families – either in their home country or abroad – looking to visit their area, who agree to exchange leisure vehicles for a week or fortnight.

This unique scheme gives caravanners the opportunity to turn a holiday dream into a reality or browse the website for a last minute break – all for the cost of a tank of petrol or plane fare.

The site also makes sure your caravan or motorhome is left in safe hands, as you can set conditions of exchange: ideal if you’d prefer non smokers or would rather your pride and joy isn’t loaned to families with small children.

If you’re interested in taking part in Motorhome Holiday Swap’s new scheme and want to ensure your leisure vehicle is protected, contact Coast for more information on our motorhome insurance policy.

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