Motorhoming: the perfect warm up!

Many top racing drivers have rituals they like to perform before reaching the circuit, but we’ve never heard of this one before: taking a motorhome holiday!

Former Formula 1 driver Sebastien Bourdais has taken time out from his high speed schedule to take a 1,000-mile trip across the USA in his personal motorhome. According to Out & About Live, this was the Frenchman’s way of preparing for the Indianapolis 500, a prestigious motor racing event taking place on Sunday 26th May.

Bourdais didn’t want any distractions either, so he even left his family behind – just choosing to hop in his motorhome on a whim one morning and set off on a mini adventure!

We’re big advocates of spontaneous trips away, however it’s important to ensure your motorhome insurance policy is valid before putting your keys in the ignition.

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