MSN recommends static and park homes as housing ladder first step

The Coast team enjoyed an article on MSN last week looking at some of the quirkiest homes you can buy for under £25,000.

While some of them were a bit too outlandish for our tastes – anyone fancy taking up residence on a converted double decker bus?! – we were pleased that several static and park home sites were featured in their gallery of potential properties. Click here to read the full article.

In the current economic climate many people are finding it very difficult to secure a mortgage or raise the necessary deposit. A park home offers the pride and security of being homeowner at a much lower cost than purchasing a bricks and mortar building.

Many manufacturers are developing static homes and park homes that are both stylish and affordable to appeal to the first time buyer market; only last week Homeseeker unveiled details of its new Affinity lodge. There are also many second hand park homes available – MSN featured sites on the Kent/Sussex border, in Tewkesbury and Llanelli but there are thousands more located throughout the country.

In addition to giving you ownership, there are many benefits to purchasing a static or park home. For starters, most sites are very friendly with a great sense of community. Many of them also have leisure facilities that can be used free of charge such as swimming pools, shops and playgrounds.

You wouldn’t think twice about taking out building and contents insurance for a traditional property, and it is equally important to make sure your static caravan or park home is protected from damage, loss or theft. If you’re thinking of buying a park home as either your permanent residence or a holiday lodge, Coast can offer you comprehensive insurance at a competitive price.

For a static caravan insurance or park home insurance quotation, give our sales team a call on Freephone 0800 614 849.