New motorhome payload calculator now available

In order to safely drive your motorhome, it’s important to ensure you do not exceed your payload limit.

This might seem like an easy task but when you’ve counted the weight of your luggage, accessories such as awnings and bicycle racks, a full tank of fuel and the maximum number of passenger on board, the total load you’re carrying soon escalates.

The job is now a lot simpler, however, thanks to technology company SvTech, which has launched a new Load Distribution Analysis (LDA) tool on its website.

To try it out, all you have to do is click here and select the image of the motorhome. You will then need to enter the weight and dimensions of your unladen vehicle, along with the items you are planning to add for your trip.

The tool with then analyse your results and advise whether you are going to be carrying a safe weight that is distributed evenly over the vehicle’s axels.

Adhering to payload limitations and spreading the weight evenly is crucial for stability on the road. A poorly loaded motorhome can be difficult to control in transit and can even result in an accident.

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