North West businessman develops expanding caravan

Even the most dedicated caravanners sometimes wish they had a little more space, which is why an entrepreneur from Widnes is hitting the headlines with his new expandable caravan design!

Phil Daniels, who is the Managing Director of Eterniti Caravans, has created a caravan that can slide out at each side to provide extra interior space.

Daniels came up with the idea after going on holiday in a caravan with his wife and three children. He found that the leisure vehicle was quite cramped so set about developing a new style of caravan with greater space to move.

The new caravan is based on an American design and is incredibly light for its size so that it complies with UK towing legislation.

“I have been in the caravan industry for 18 years and I have never experienced anything as big as this,” Eterniti Caravans’ Commercial Director Neil Boulton told Runcorn & Widnes World. “The slide out creates an extra five square metres of space meaning you can do so much more inside.

“I am unbelievably excited. We’ve secured the patent for the whole of Europe for the next five years. We want to deal with customers directly so we want people from all over the country to come to Widnes.”

The new caravans will be created from a £1 million manufacturing facility and showroom at Widnes Waterfront. The project has led to the creation of 30 additional jobs and could provide up to 100 roles in total.

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