Practical Motorhome survey: have your say

Most motorhome owners are very proud of their vehicles, but regular usage can uncover those little design faults that could be tweaked to improve your experience on the open road. Alternatively, you might feel your motorhome is just perfect for your needs. Whatever your opinion, Practical Motorhome wants to hear from you for its 2012 Owner Satisfaction Awards. 

So long as you’ve owned your motorhome since January 2012 you’re eligible to enter a questionnaire. Practical Motorhome will collate all the answers it receives to produce a league table outlining the best and worst motorhome brands and dealers.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought your campervan from a dealer or direct, how much it cost and whether you owned it from new – Practical Motorhome wants to hear your views. As well as sharing your experiences with other readers, the influential survey could lead to changes in attitudes, offers or designs.

Click here to take part in the survey.

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