Preparing your caravan or motorhome for the frosty Christmas period

With temperatures dropping down to zero and hopes of a white Christmas, winter is definitely here. Many of our customers have decided to retire their touring caravan or motorhome to storage for the next few months rather than face caravanning in the cold!

In order to minimise the chances of damage, loss or theft occurring when your caravan or motorhome is stored away for the winter, we’ve put together a few tips on winter preparations…


  • Thoroughly clean and hoover all surfaces and fitted furnishings.
  • Remove any soft furnishings and store indoors if possible – the more space in your caravan or motorhome, the better the air circulation, which will help prevent damp
  • If you can’t remove cushions completely, take them off the seats and stand them upright in the centre of your leisure vehicle
  • Leave cupboard doors open to improve ventilation
  • Fully close all windows, sunlights and external doors
  • Fully drain down any water systems to reduce the chance of frost damage
  • If you have a cassette toilet, drain and clean this as well
  • Close the valves on top of any gas cylinders and disconnect them from open pipework
  • Make sure all electrical sockets are switched off and any equipment has been unplugged
  • Turn off and clean out your refrigerator and defrost your freezer compartment
  • It’s also worth looking in your handbook to see if your caravan or motorhome manufacturer has provided any specific instructions on maintenance for storage


  • Wash down your caravan or motorhome to remove any dirt or mould clinging to the surface
  • Check for any cracks, dents or other faults and make sure these are fixed as a weakened chassis could increase the chance of leaks
  • You may want to invest in a cover to offer additional protection


  • Think about whether you would like to store your caravan or motorhome at a secure site rather than on your property
  • Wherever it is stored, you may want to turn the tyres every 6-8 weeks to help maintain the pressure levels and reduce the chances of damage to the tyre walls
  • Keep your leisure vehicle out of direct sunlight, away from any hazards such as low hanging trees and under cover if possible to limit rain and frost damage
  • Be aware that some secure storage units will not allow you to store gas cylinders with your leisure vehicle
  • If possible, hook up your caravan to an electricity supply when in storage and power up whenever you turn your tyres to maintain the battery
  • When you check your leisure vehicle, open the windows and doors whilst you’re inside to let the air circulate – but don’t forget to close them again before you leave!

It’s also important to check the terms of your insurance to make sure you’re complying with their storage terms and that your policy is valid all year round.

Coast’s touring caravan insurance and motorhome insurance policies offer year-round protection. For more information call our UK based sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849 or you can call our mobile friendly number on 01892 784059.