Protecting your park home this winter

As the weather turns colder and we look forward to the festive season ahead, it is important we do not forget to prepare for the unsettling weather conditions that could be just around the corner.

Extreme temperatures can lead to problems and damage within the home, which can disrupt the special plans you have made at this time of the year.

The Coast team have put together some top tips on how to protect your park home from the winter conditions:

  • Keep your heating on constantly in all rooms even at a low temperature, as this will reduce the chances of your water pipes becoming cold enough to freeze
  • Locate your stopcock and check it’s functioning properly as thawing pipes could result in a leak
  • Cover any exposed pipework with thick material such as blankets or duvets to help prevent them from freezing
  • As the risk of power cuts are higher, make sure you have a working torch, batteries, matches and candles in an easily accessible place
  • Make a list of emergency numbers such as 24 hour plumbers and electricians
  • If you are leaving the house for any long period of time, switch off your water and drain pipes if it is practical

Taking out a park home insurance policy could protect you if you unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your park home during bad weather. For a competitive quotation call Coast on Freephone 0800 614 849.