Romahome launches solar panelled motorhomes

 Motorhome manufacturer Romahome is now offering solar panels on its range, in order to make its recreational vehicles more environmentally friendly.

A 120watt panel will be permanently mounted to the roof of each motorhome and can charge the motorhome and its leisure batteries. Although it will increase the price of the vehicle by £1,000, the panel only ways 2kg so will not have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption. It will have the additional benefit of providing freedom from mains electrical hook-ups for extended periods of time.

Those of you without a solar panel on your motorhome needn’t panic, however: there are plenty of things you can do to reduce energy consumption and create a greener leisure vehicle. 

For instance, investing in vent pillows can cool your vehicle in the summer and insulate it in the winter, whilst you can also insulate windows and doors by purchasing reflective coverings. These measures will reduce the need to turn on heating during the winter time or air conditioning during the summer.

Check that there are no cracks or breaks in your window seals and think about whether you might want to upgrade your carpet or linoleum to retain greater heat at floor level.

To reduce the amount of energy you use during holidays, make sure you purchase travel versions of electrical items such as kettles and irons as these use far less voltage than their standard household counterparts.

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