Should you invest in a reversing camera?

The Coast team takes an interest in new caravanning technologies, particularly if they can reduce the number of accidents happening to leisure vehicle owners, which is why we’re intrigued about whether reversing cameras are a worthy investment.

We all know how difficult reversing a touring caravan or motorhome can be and our claims team receive a significant number of enquiries from people who’ve had an accident or damaged their ‘van while manoeuvring backwards. Good quality additional mirrors can reduce the chances of harming their vehicle in some cases, however many owners are choosing to embrace modern video technology by installing a reversing camera.

Unlike mirrors, which rely on a clear view between the place where they are positioned and the back of the vehicle, a camera can be mounted at the back of your caravan or motorhome to give you a full view of the situation without having to turn around. Better visibility means better judgement, which statistically reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Some cameras can even benefit you at night as they are fitted with a night vision camera – perfect for when you’re pitching in poor visibility.

There are lots of reversing cameras available at the moment, which might make finding the best option for you a little difficult. A good place to start are caravan and motorhome forums, as you can draw on the previous experience of other campers when making a decision.

Even with technological help to reduce the chances of damaging your leisure vehicle, though, it’s still important to protect your investment with a valid touring caravan insurance or motorhome insurance policy.

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