Sightseers: a caravanner’s review

Earlier this year we wrote an article on Sightseers, a critically acclaimed British film about a couple whose caravan holiday turns into a far more murderous adventure.

The movie has now been released on DVD and we enjoyed The Guardian’s review by an avid caravanner, who is full of praise for Sightseers’ attention to detail.

“Watching the couple meticulously plan their journey…made me smile: caravanners do tend to be the sort of people who like to plan,” said the reviewer. “The film accurately reflects the deep resentment that many of us feel towards other caravanners who go around showing off their expensive equipment and brand-new vehicles.

“We caravanners do care about the planet, and as the film shows, we’re certainly not to be messed with. I hope all drivers think carefully from now on before honking at that caravan up ahead!”

You can read the full review here.

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