Silver screen debut for dark caravan comedy

A new British film is bringing caravanning to the big screen, although we doubt many of you will be wishing for a similar turn of events on your annual getaway!

Sightseers, directed by Ben Wheatley, premiered recently at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the story of a Midlands couple, Chris and Tina, who embark on a two week holiday around the UK. In fact, their initial journey takes them to some areas that Coast’s Choice has featured, including a trip to the National Tramway Museum.

Their vacation takes a sinister turn, however, when Chris accidentally runs over another sightseer that he has argued with about littering during a day trip. After their initial shock, the couple see what happened as karma and begin a killing spree involving other holidaymakers that offend them during their travels.

The film has been widely praised by the media, with the Daily Telegraph’s Robbie Collin describing it as “frequently laugh-out-loud funny.”

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw summarises Sightseers as “funny and well made” while the Evening Standard review claims it is “successful in treading the thin line between laughter and scariness.”

Sightseers is due to be released in selected cinemas later this year. You can follow the film’s latest updates through the Sightseers blog.

In reality, of course, your own caravan holiday this year will be much less dangerous. However it’s important to make sure your insurance policy is up to date in case something on a smaller scale affects your trip. For a competitive touring caravan insurance quote, call Coast’s UK based sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849 or visit our Quotation Page.