Sink or swim…

We’ve heard of a crash landing, but never a splash landing – spare a thought for an American couple who arrived home this week to find a motorhome parked in their swimming pool!

The incident happened in Brockton, Massachusetts, where motorhome owner Stephen Pierro came unstuck trying to reverse his motorhome. After trapping his foot on the accelerator, the 30-foot RV smashed through his fence into his neighbours garden, sliding backwards into an outdoor swimming pool.

Luckily, Stephen’s neighbour Norman Little had just returned home and was able to run outside and pull the stricken driver out of the water to safety. Local emergency services were despatched to retrieve the motorhome, which was eventually hauled back onto dry land by a crane.

Of course we’re not advocating testing the underwater capabilities of your new motorhome or campervan, but stories like these are a timely reminder that it’s important to protect your leisure vehicle against the unexpected.

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