The Benefits of a Motorhome

You can go anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of owning a motorhome is you have the flexibility to go wherever you want. Be it the UK or abroad. The difference being that wherever you are in you motorhome it is a home from home. You have all your creature comforts around you.  You know where you are sleeping and what your room looks like!

Travel Insurance

Just make sure you have travel insurance for all those trips! At Coast Insurance, we work with a carefully selected number of travel insurance providers so, however old you are, wherever you are going, what you are doing, we will probably have a policy that is right for you.

Motorhome Insurance

Finding comprehensive motorhome insurance cover is a very important part of your holiday preparations – as it’s your transport and your home rolled into one, you don’t want to be left in the lurch should anything happen whilst you’re on vacation.

Last minute

You decide you have a few days spare, you can be up and running on your journey it no time. You can also follow the weather. If the west of the country is raining but the east is glorious sunshine, you’ll be heading east! If the British Isles can’t provide a good enough climate you can head off abroad at a drop of hat.

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Packing is nearly non exsistent

Once you are happy you have all the essentials packed into your motorhome, its just a case of packing some clothes and perishable food and off you go.

There’s no caravan to tow

Do you have to reverse a trailer or caravan in your driving test? No. This is why you need a special licence to tow anything. Many people who have switched from caravans to motorhomes did so because towing a caravan can be difficult and stressful.  You will also need a car that is man enough to tow the caravan, this can be expensive. Motorhomes are relatively easy to drive once you get used to the dimensions.

Your beloved pet

A holiday is not the same when you leave your dog behind. The cost of kennels could cover the cost of your break in some cases.  There are thousands of pet friendly campsites, pubs and holiday parks out there.

Lunch on the road

Why spend loads of money on road side services, they charge extortionate prices. A little bit of forward thinking and you can stop just about anywhere and have lunch with a better view.

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Camping is a very social event, like for like people enjoying the same surroundings and experiences as you. You will never be short of people to talk to.


You can spend the whole day at a festival like Glastonbury. When the music is done, return to the comfort of a warm and dry home from home and get a decent night sleep to boot. A fry up in the morning to get you through the next day of music and crowds.

On a budget

If you are on a budget it is easy to plan all your meals in the motorhome to save those expensive meals out.  If you fancy a break from cooking why not get a takeaway, most will deliver to a motorhome.

Making the most of your surroundings

When you are in a motorhome the simplest of things are the best. Stopping on the side of a road to take in a view, visiting an amazing beach, finding a great walk for your dog. You have that freedom to explore whatever you want to.  Whether it is the highlands of Scotland or the vineyards of France, your holiday is yours to keep and you are in complete control.  Don’t forget to take photos, you will see some beautiful scenery.