The benefits of legal expenses insurance

Whilst we can hope that we will never be affected by legal issues, they are actually more common than you may think. It is therefore useful to add legal expenses insurance to your policy so that you can rest assured that you a fully are protected.

Legal expenses cover provides legal fees cover for a whole range of issues that you may face as a caravan owner.

Some examples would be providing legal costs to…

  • Resolve disputes with an employer
  • Deal with organisations seeking money from an individual
  • Remove county court judgements as a result of being a victim of fraud
  • Resolve contractual disputes resulting from goods or services purchases in relation to your caravan.
  • Pursue a third party whose negligence has resulted in personal injury.
  • Offers online legal document service that allows you to draft a number of legal documents.

If you don’t have legal expenses insurance then pursuing a legal expenses claim such as those listed above could cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. To add legal expenses to your insurance policy give the team at Coast a call on 0800 614 849, our friendly team are always happy to help.