The Caravan: Your Perfect Holiday

Here at Coast Insurance we understand the importance of good caravan insurance. Make sure you have the best caravan insurance to cover you for those unforeseen circumstances.

Whilst holidaying in a caravan or motor home is not for everyone, that doesn’t stop well over one million caravans being owned and sold each year. When you consider the destinations this country and now, courtesy of the Eurostar, Europe have to offer, it is understandable why sales have rocketed over the past decade.

The freedom and choice of holiday you have is simply unparalleled. When you book into a hotel for a summer holiday, for let’s say two weeks at a time, you can be taking a risk. If you have done your research and really like your hotel, it’s not a problem and you will more than likely have a brilliant holiday. However, if you turn up to the hotel and it’s nothing like the brochure or the website and there is simply nothing to do, then you are stuck there for two weeks and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. With a caravan, if you turn up somewhere you don’t like, you can simply pack up your stuff and move somewhere else, without any hassle.

Buying a caravan has never been easier. Whether you want to buy a cheap second hand one or you want invest in a luxurious one, there really is a wide range to choose from. Prices range from anywhere up to and above £30,000 for a really top of the range one, down to £5,000 for some second hand ones, so ownership can suit most budgets. When you think about the amount of enjoyment and also the amount of money you can save on swapping hotel rooms for the comfort of your own mobile home, these prices really are reasonable.

You can store your caravan somewhere if you haven’t got the space at home. There are hundreds of companies to choose from all over the country. You should be able to choose your own plot and have the peace of mind your caravan will be safe. The best thing about it is, you can simply turn up, any day of the week and take your caravan from where it is being held and drive away to the destination of your choice.

Buying a caravan allows you the freedom that simply isn’t available with any other holiday and allows you to make the best of the wonderful outdoors. Furthermore, once you have bought the caravan, there is very little cost to going on holiday and in the long term; this really could save you a fortune.