The world’s craziest caravans

The Coast team enjoyed an amusing article on the Out & About Live website this week looking at the craziest caravans ever launched: from tourers that turn into boats to towing gardens!

Among the leisure vehicles noted was Austrian company Nonstandard’s multicellular caravan, which looks more like a Rubik’s Cube with its individual pod-like areas. 

If space is an issue, the QTVan provides a full size bed, colour television, alarm clock and drinks cabinet in a compact size – it can even be towed by a bicycle! Should you not be of the opinion that less is more, however, Swedish manufacturer Kabe has developed a double decker caravan. The Royal Tower will set you back approximately €105,000, but it includes features such as a balcony, surround sound, air conditioning and an on-board dishwasher.

For green fingered caravanners, the Biod Bambi can offer you a slice of natural beauty wherever you go. This garden on wheels was designed by Kevin van Braak, who wanted to create an artificial green space that could be towed in the same manner as a standard touring caravan.

Meanwhile, fans of the open water can combine their favourite activities by purchasing the unique ‘Der Schwimmcaravan’; a tourer equipped with a 5hp electric motor so that it can travel on water as well as land.

Your touring caravan might not be quite so extreme, but you can still ensure it is protected when you’re out and about by taking out a dedicated caravan insurance policy. For a competitive quotation from Coast, contact our sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849 or visit our Quotation Page.