Theft warning for caravan owners

Caravan owners are being warned to be vigilant following a spate of leisure vehicle thefts from owner’s driveways.

Just last week, a family in Essex were left devastated when their holiday-ready touring caravan was stolen from their property 24 hours before they were due to go away. In addition to taking the Fleetwood tourer itself, thieves also seized its contents, which included a games console, jewellery and DVDs.

Doncaster police has also issued a recent warning to caravan owners to make sure their leisure vehicles are stored securely when not in use to avoid opportunist thefts.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your caravan, here are some tips to reduce the chances of becoming a theft victim:

  • Invest in a additional security devices – Coast recommends a minimum of a wheel clamp and hitch lock for single axle caravans and two wheel clamps and a hitch lock
  • Install an alarm inside the caravan that will be activated if motion sensors are disturbed – many of these alarm systems include remote sensors for your awning
  • All tourers produced since 1992 will be registered with the Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme – display a sticker in your caravan window to let potential thieves know that your ‘van can be tracked
  • Make sure your touring caravan’s vehicle identification number is etched on every window
  • Only stay at police approved campsites
  • Always lock doors, windows and roof lights when leaving your caravan unattended
  • Remove any valuables from your caravan when it’s not in use
  • Take detailed photographs of your caravan, noting any distinctive marks or features, so that you have evidence should the worst happen

Even when we take the greatest care to protect our most important assets, sadly there are still occasions on which people fall victim to criminal acts. Coast’s touring caravan insurance protects against theft and malicious damage as part of our standard policy.

Please note that our theft cover requires any caravans left unattended for two hours or more to be fitted with a wheel clamp and hitch lock (single axle), two wheel clamps and a hitch lock (double axle) or a wheel clamp and hitch lock with a burglar alarm in operation (twin axle).

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