Time is running out to voice your park home opinions!

Only a few hours remain for park home owners to add their thoughts on the government’s latest legislation document, ‘A Better Deal for Mobile Home Owners’.

The Department of Communities and Local Government published the 39-page dossier following a consultation on the matter of park home owners versus site owners rights, in their bid to eliminate poor practices by site operators.

Among the key recommendations the document makes are to make joint site owners equally liable for complying with the venue’s licence, making pitch fee prices and rate increases more transparent, and clarifying which maintenance issues should be dealt with by the site operator and which should be handled by the property owner.

The proposal also asks park home owners to give their opinions on a number of issues where alternative legislation changes have been proposed or a full conclusion has not been reached. For instance:

When it comes to selling a mobile home, should the need for site owners to approve a purchaser be scrapped or is it better to consider a purchaser proved until deemed otherwise by a residential property tribunal?

Should homeowners be allowed to make internal alterations/improvements to their property without consulting the site owner?

If a person who solely owns a park home dies, should whoever inherits it be allowed to live there or nominate another relative to live there without park owner approval, providing their residence does not breach regulations?

Discussions regarding the document close TODAY (Monday 28th May). To be involved in the consultation process, click here.

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