Tips for camping in the autumn

With summer having drawn to an end you may think it is time to start packing away your camping equipment. However, if you are willing to embrace the cooler temperatures then you need not. Autumn camping can be a great experience as not only are campsites quieter, the wildlife will be more prominent, allowing you to experience a different side to camping.

Here are some top tips if you decide to go camping this autumn…

  1. Pack warm clothes- bring extra layers so that you can wrap up warm (especially at night). Hats, gloves, coats and of course waterproof clothing are strongly advised.
  2. Check that the site is open- as mentioned before, campgrounds will be a lot quieter at this time of year, avoid disappointment and phone ahead to make sure that the site owners haven’t already closed up for the season.
  3. Take lots of firewood- plan ahead and take some fire wood with you, many camp owners are not around to sell you any at this time of year and you don’t want to be left without.
  4. Bring indoor activities- if you do hit a bout of bad weather it may come in handy to have indoor activities to keep yourself amused (and in the warm). Activities such as playing cards or board games are great for this.
  5. Use your stove to cook a warming stew- warm food made by food harvested locally is the perfect dish to warm you up when camping in the autumn.
  6. Make sure you dry your equipment properly when you get home- it is important to air your camping gear when you get home or else you will find it covered in mildew when you come to use it again next year.

Alternatively, for a warmer camping experience, you could take your caravan with you on your trip. For great value caravan insurance give our friendly team at Coast a call on 0800 614 849.