Tips for driving in windy weather

The UK has been blasted by some severe gusts of late and the windy weather is set to continue over the Christmas period.

To help keep you safe during the festive season, Coast has put together some top tips for driving your caravan or motorhome in windy conditions:

  • Pay attention to the conditions in advance – you might need to set off earlier or choose a less exposed route
  • Don’t get too speedy – the faster you go, the less stable your leisure vehicle becomes
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly in case a sudden gust catches you off guard
  • Beware when overtaking or turning onto a new road, as the conditions could suddenly change
  • Take note of how the other vehicles around you are being affected by the wind, as this could help you anticipate worsening conditions
  • Make sure you leave plenty of distance to the vehicle in front and also keep plenty of room to the side when overtaking other motorists and cyclists
  • If you feel conditions are becoming too treacherous then pull over – after a tea break things might have calmed down!
  • Think about where you’re parking when you arrive, as leaving your vehicle in an exposed area or under a tree could increase the risk of storm damage

If the worst happens and your leisure vehicle is damaged in bad weather, Coast’s caravan insurance can protect you financially and reduce the hassle of getting it repaired. For a free caravan insurance quotation or to insure your motorhome with Coast call Freephone 0800 614 849.