Tips for towing in bad weather

It is inevitable that around this time of year the weather in the UK will be bad at times. It is therefore crucial that you are prepared for towing your caravan if bad weather hits when you are out and about.

Be prepared- it is good to keep your tow car and caravan in good condition and fully prepared for any trip, however in times of bad weather it is even more important.

The tyres of both your car and caravan need to be correctly inflated and have plenty (1.6mm) of tread around the full tyre.

You should also check that your screen wash and water are topped up before setting off, if the screen wash is low it could cause the screen to be smeared and vision to be impaired.

Pack safely- load your caravan and car safely, keep any heavy items low down and ensure that anything that could cause disruption is securely fastened.

Check ahead- keep an eye of the forecast before your travel date. Plan your journey times to suit the weather. You could consider leaving earlier or later depending on the when the weather will be best.

Driving in heavy rain- stopping distances increase in wet weather so be sure to leave a larger gap than normal between you and the vehicle in front. Also consider the extra weight of the caravan will increase the stopping distance further.

In addition to increasing stopping distances, visibility can also be affected by the rain. Use dipped headlights in poor conditions but be sure not to use your fog lights unless the visibility is limited to 100 meters, otherwise you could dazzle other road users.

Driving in high winds- high winds can cause caravans to become unstable which can be dangerous. A way to try and prevent this is to reduce your speed. Many modern caravans are also fitted with Al-Ko and ATC systems to try and increase stability.