Top Gear takes motorhoming to Africa

Motoring fans will have noticed that Jeremy Clarkson and company got into the camping spirit in the latest episode of BBC2’s Top Gear, converting their cars into motorhomes!

The challenge was part of a special two episode feature in which Clarkson travelled to Africa with his fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond, searching for the river Nile’s true source.

As is customary with Top Gear adventures, the trio were given a small budget – £1,500 – to purchase a second hand estate car each, before being tasked with turning their investments into mini motorhomes.

Hammond chose to play the role of chef, adding a stove to the Subaru Impreza he chose, adding a ‘seating area’ by attaching an armchair to the roof!

May took what he thought to be a more practical route, creating a workshop in his Volvo 850R in case the group encountered mechanical problems en route. This wasn’t the only unusual feature of his conversion, though: his ‘motorhome’ also included a gentleman’s exploring quarters at the front, complete with globe and telescope!

Clarkson chose to play the alpha male role, installing a mini fridge filled with beer in the passenger seat of his BMW 528i and ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep with luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets and duck down bedding.

If you’re interested in seeing how their campervan creations fared in the wilds of Africa, click here to watch episode one on BBC iPlayer. The second part will be screened on BBC2 this Sunday (10th March) at 8.00pm.

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