Top Tips to Help You Maximise Space in Your Campervan

Everyone knows that even the most spacious campervan models can be tight for space, especially if you are going away for long periods of time. Here are some top tips to help you maximise space and keep clutter to a minimum in your campervan…

  1. Pack tightly- packing the inside of a campervan needs to be approached the same way as when packing a suitcase to go on holiday. Make sure that you neatly fold away your belongings and don’t forget to fill all the spaces.
  2. Pack light- you need to be realistic when packing, do you really need to take a ski jacket away with you in the middle of summer? As tempting as it may be to try and take your whole house with you, you need to ensure that you only pack the necessities.
  3. Folding appliances- folding appliances such as collapsible ovens or kettles are perfect for freeing up surface space. Fold down luggage cases are also useful to store loose articles as they can be tucked away into tight spaces within the campervan.
  4. Make full use of the inside of cupboards and drawers- often campervans are fitted with cupboards and drawers, don’t forget to fill them as much as possible to hide as much clutter as you can. Cupboard doors are also handy to create extra storage space, a rack or hook on the back of the door will allow you to hang things safely out of the way.
  5. Get a bike rack- purchasing a bike rack is a great way to save space inside your campervan, it will also help to keep the campervan clean as dirty bikes can be kept outside.
  6. Get a rear or roof box- there are numerous boxes on the market which are great for giving you extra internal space. Be sure to check that the box you buy is suitable for your vehicle by checking its size and weight, also bear in mind high restrictions!
  7. Get an awning- awnings are a brilliant way to maximise the space within your campervan. Not only are they great for storing equipment, awnings can also provide extra living space.