Top tips to keep mice out of your caravan over the winter

When the temperature drops you can guarantee that mice will be looking for places to hide, and an empty caravan could be the perfect spot. Here are some tips to help you keep them out:

  1. Buy some Jeyes Fluid and spray it over your tyres as well as your jockey wheel, shaft and the underside of the van. This way mice won’t be able to follow the urine trials left by other mice.
  2. Make sure that your water pipes are empty/ dry as mice are often attracted to pipes with fluid in and you don’t want them nibbling away at yours!
  3. If possible don’t put your corner steadies down as you want to minimise as many staircases and access points as possible being available for them.
  4. Search the floor of your caravan for holes and gaps, if any are found cover them over to prevent mice from entering through them.
  5. The front locker of the caravan is also likely to have some gaps, it is an idea to scrunch up some fine mesh wire and use it to cover these spaces.
  6. If you do find that you have an unwanted creature in your caravan, there are numerous mouse traps and catchers on the market to help you remove them. It is an idea to keep a check in case they spread.