Touring in the winter- top tips to keep yourself cosy in your caravan

There is no reason why the touring season should come to an end just because it is winter… here are some top tips to keep you cosy in your caravan.

  1. Keep your caravan ventilated… When the heating is on during the winter months it can sometimes get overheated in the compact space of your caravan. In this situation it is important to open a window to let in a light breeze rather than turning the heating completely off as pipes may freeze.
  2. Gas… So, do you choose Butane or propane? Propane keeps working at much lower temperatures than butane, so while it’s dearer and less efficient than what you would burn throughout the rest of the year, swapping over during colder months is a good idea.
  3. Water… one of the biggest issues when touring in the winter is keeping your water running. To help with this it may be useful to purchase a water carrier insulation wrap to insulate your pump.
  4. Choose your pitch… it is best to pick a site and stay there as towing may be tricky and unsafe in bad weather. To help keep your water flowing it is a good idea to try and pick a spot where your water container is in direct sunlight, this will keep it heated naturally.
  5. Wrap up warm… ensure to pack warm clothes when embarking on your winter adventure, gloves, hats and big jumpers are a good idea!

If you are taking a winter trip in your caravan then we here at Coast hope you have a great time!