Towing a caravan: are you covered?

Last year, Coast brought to light changes to towing regulations that affect thousands of caravan users, but many people are still unaware that they could be towing their caravan illegally.

Anybody who passed their driving test after 1st January 1997 is now legally required to possess a category B + E license in order to tow any car/caravan combination heavier than 3.5 tonnes.

If you hold a standard driving license you will only hold a category B license, which means you will have to take a test in order to carry on towing your caravan if it exceeds the weight limit outlined above.

Even if you towed caravans before these regulations came into force, it is advisable to seek professional towing tuition before sitting your test. Expectations are much higher for B + E tests than standard driving test examinations and on average candidates will tow a caravan for round an hour – possibly including motorway journeys.

There is also a caravan care section in which drivers will be expected to reverse, hitch and unhitch their caravan, as well as performing a controlled emergency stop.

More information on regulations surrounding caravan towing is available via the DVLA website.

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