Tyresafe issues warning to caravan and motorhome users

Following cold, harsh conditions during the winter, vehicle safety organisation TyreSafe is warning the UK’s 650,000 caravan and motorhome owners about the dangers of venturing out this summer without first checking your tyres.

“Spring time is an especially popular time for caravan and motorhome owners to take to the roads but it’s important that before setting off, they make some critical checks,” said Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe’s chairman. “Failing to do so could result in a number of tyre related problems which at best could see them stranded by the roadside, potentially spoiling a well-earned weekend away, or at worst cause more serious injury and damage.”

TyreSafe’s first piece of advice is to check your tyre pressures, as these are likely to have fallen whilst your leisure vehicle has been in storage. Tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are cold, and you should also check the tyre pressure of your tow car if you are a caravan older.

You are also advised to carry out a visual check on your tyres to make sure there are no cuts or warping in the rubber. In addition, tyre tread depth should also meet the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm.

“Spending just a few minutes checking your tyres before travelling can save caravan and motorhome owners from a host of problems,” Jackson added. “Of course, if you’re not confident of what to look for or in any doubt then we’d advise you visit your local tyre dealer and seek some professional assistance.”

Even with your caravan or motorhome in top condition its still important to protect it against unforeseen issues by taking out a comprehensive caravan insurance or motorhome insurance policy.

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