UK vs USA: a tale of two motorhomes

Hiring a motorhome and driving across America is something many of us have dreamed of, but how does the USA’s recreational vehicle industry compare to the UK?

That’s the question being tackled by Practical Motorhome’s Rob Ganley in a fascinating blog on the magazine’s website. He and fellow journalist Nigel Donnelly headed across the pond recently to look at American RV production and see if any tips could be passed on to the British leisure vehicle industry.

A trip to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) show in Louisville unveiled some interesting statics. More than 200,000 motorhomes and caravans are produced in the USA – compared to 20,000 caravans and 7,000 motorhomes in the UK – which demonstrates the country’s huge appetite for outdoor living.

Like the UK, touring caravans are the most popular leisure vehicle, accounting for 180,000 of all units sold. Fifth Wheel caravans are also very popular, whilst Type A motorhomes sell more than their Type C counterparts.

Rob will be revealing more about the American RV industry in future blogs, which are available through the Practical Caravan website.

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