Ultimate summer caravan accessories

We really enjoy reading Practical Caravan’s blog and Bryony Symes entertained us yet again recently with her guide to accessories you’ll need for those glorious summer evenings in your caravan or motorhome.

There are lots of little trinkets you can purchase to make those blissful nights spent sitting on the pitch outside your tourer or motorhome even more perfect. For instance, Bryony recommends you start off by kitting out your surroundings comfortably by investing in a deckchair or foldable camping chair. You might also want to purchase a folding picnic table to balance snacks and drinks on whilst you’re out in the open.

If you’re worried about getting a bit chilly, Brony suggests you purchase some travel rugs (which also make excellent picnic blankets) and a flint and steel firestarter to get a few flames on the go when the temperature drops for the evening.

Even if the air stays warm, it’s going to get dark at some point so a quality torch is an essential part of the outdoor living kit. Brony’s favourite is the Kelty Flashback, which can be used in both spotlight and lantern format depending on why you need it.

Last but not least, Bryony believes a cool bag is a solid investment for caravan and motorhome holidays this summer. After a busy day of travelling or sightseeing, many outdoor living enthusiasts like to recline in the fresh air with a bottle of beer and a glass of wine, and there’s nothing worse than warm wine!

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