Volkswagen I.D. Buzz- the futuristic self-driving caravan

Volkswagen have released another addition to their ID range, a compact hatchback equivalent to the current Golf VW.

VW teased the release of the I.D. Buzz leading up CES 2017, where they brought along the I.D hatchback as a display model.

The I.D Buzz, a futuristic reimagining of the classic VW camper van, debuted at the Detroit Motor Show with a host of features a modern-day concept car comes with.

It’s fully electric with 369bhp that produced 373-mile range, more than the current crop of electric cars but equal to modern petrol vehicles.

The Buzz also incorporates self-driving functions with a driver mode called ‘I.D. Pilot.’

When this Pilot mode is switched on, the driver can swivel his chair 180 degrees to face the passengers.

This is achieved by lasers, radars, ultrasonic sensors and cameras that are fitted around the car.

The Buzz also has all-wheel-drive and tow electric motors fitted to the front and rear of the car, with a total system output of 275w.

Battery charging to 80% is approximately 30 minutes (15 km/min), which eliminates some of the main concerns consumers have with electric vehicles.

For a van, it doesn’t slouch, with a nice 0-62 time of just five seconds, which is incredible seeing as it’s an eight-seat vehicle.

A futuristic dashboard using augmented reality to display key information, meaning that the original dashboard can be stripped away for a cleaner larger surface.

A tablet like device is mounted to the center, where function such as SatNav, music, climate etc are likely to be controlled from.

Even the steering wheel is touch enabled.

The outside of the car has also been fitted with some tech. Led lights line the traditional colour cutaway, features on all VW vans.

The futuristic headlights ‘eyes’ change expression depending on what task it is performing and even has a mode to ‘greet’ the driver.

The van is said to be hitting the roads by 2020, what do you think of it?