Welsh politician launches caravan tax crusade

According to the BBC, caravanners in Wales that live in their static home all year round could face an increase in living expenses as a consultation is being launched into their tax contributions.

Darren Miller, Clwyd West AM, is campaigning for a Welsh assembly bill ordering full-time static caravan residents to pay council tax – something they’re not currently required to do.

Although Mr Miller’s plight has been met by approval from some members of the community, many static caravan owners are worried that they could end up a lot worse off as one of the appeals of living in a caravan is its cost effectiveness.

Caravan site owners have also pointed out that their parks receive no money from the government for maintenance and development so their full-time residents would not really see the benefit of the council tax they were paying.

Holiday park owner Mark Whitehouse has accused Mr Miller of overreacting, describing the campaign as ‘using a sledgehammer to crack a nut’.

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