Where is the safest place to store your Touring Caravan?

There are many places where you can store your caravan. Many people store their caravan on their driveway at home. Statistically we find this the safest place to store your touring caravan.

There are many storage locations dotted around the country. Many of these sites are CASSOA registered. More information regarding CASSOA can be found at www.cassoa.co.uk

CASSOA is a grading system for touring caravan storage locations. Sites are either Gold, Silver or Bronze, with Gold having the best security.

Storage sites obviously do charge and some are charging over £500 a year.

Caravan storage sites do come with their drawbacks

Naturally storage sites do try and maximise the number that they can store on the site. Should a van catch fire you tend to find that the fire spreads rapidly. Recently, there have been two major fires in as many weeks. One near Mansford and another in Alfreton.

If a client asks us “where is the safest place to store our touring caravan”? We always say your drive at home, out of sight if possible. However, with the size of modern-day touring caravans this can be tricky.

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