Why not host a winter BBQ?

To many the idea of a winter BBQ is an odd concept, but it certainly isn’t something to be ruled out completely.

Some benefits of a having a winter BBQ are:

Better tasting food- there is no denying that a BBQ enhances the flavour of your food, it is also a great way to prevent meat from drying out like it often does in an oven.

You can cook in larger quantities than in a conventional oven- if you are holding a festive party then you may want to cook for a large number of guests. With a BBQ you will be able to free up space in your oven, as well as creating a warm atmosphere for guests.

It is unique- how many people host a winter BBQ? Impress your guests by doing something a little different.

Can act as a heater- not only is a BBQ useful for cooking on, they can also be a great way to warm up your guests. Other useful ways to warm your garden for a winter BBQ are…

Fire pits- fire pits are a visually pleasing way to warm your guests, as well as a good way to bring everyone together when they gather round the heat.

Indian fire bowl- an Indian fire bowl works in a similar way to a fire pit, however is better used for a larger group.

Chimenea- a chimnea is a great tool to heat your garden for a BBQ as they are free standing and don’t take up a lot of space.