Why should you take a staycation?

The Coast team are big fans of the ‘staycation’ – holidays in your home country – as we adore the British Isles. We think it’s even better if you choose to explore our green and pleasant land in a caravan or motorhome!

However, if you still need a bit of convincing, we’ve put together some reasons why a staycation is a great idea.

1 – It’s environmentally friendlier than taking an overseas holiday as your carbon footprint is much lower if aeroplane travel isn’t involved.

2 – You don’t have to travel so far, which can make it cheaper than foreign alternatives.

3 – You’re supporting British businesses.

4 – Travel time is reduced; who doesn’t want to avoid hanging around in an airport lounge?!

5 – There’s a lot more freedom to travel between places if you’re towing your ‘hotel’ behind you, so you can take in several locations during one break.

6 – There aren’t any language barriers and you’re familiar with the currency.

7 – There’s so much history and natural beauty to explore right here in the UK.

8 – Britain does some of the best food going and a staycation is a great excuse to gorge on fish & chips, roast dinners and local specialties!

9 – Many campsites allow you to bring pets so the family dog can enjoy a summer break as well.

Even if you’re staying in the UK this year, it’s important that you have a valid insurance policy to cover your touring caravan or motorhome during your holiday.

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