Why use an Insurance Broker?

Why use an Insurance broker?

An Insurance broker is a professional firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whose prime purpose is to help customers find suitable cost effective insurance protection.

Trust and respect is an important part of the relationship between the broker and insurer and can make a big difference to the final terms agreed. A good broker will negotiate a premium with an insurer/s using a combination of technical arguments, auctioning, commercial weight and of course their business relationship.


Insurance brokers are experts in the market and have a talent for finding the best cover at the best price!

If you’re shopping for unusual insurance products such as horse box insurance, brokers can use their knowledge and experience to help you find a suitable level of cover.

Brokers are independent and work with a carefully selected group of insurers that they have regular contact with and are usually able to secure exclusive deals.

Although it’s something most of us have, insurance can be a daunting subject. You may be buying insurance because the law requires you to. Perhaps it’s to give yourself peace of mind in case the worst happens. Or both. Whether you’re looking for static caravan or holiday home insurance, there are many benefits to using an insurance broker.


Coast Insurance has more than 25 years experience and our staff have hundreds of years of combined experience working with insurers and other insurance specialists. We know where to look for the insurance that most suits your needs, at a price that’s right. By knowing and understanding policy wordings, we can help you with any questions you might have about your cover.