Why you should ensure you have a fire alarm installed in your caravan

Here’s one of the many examples as to why it is important to install a fire alarm in your caravan…

Firefighters were called to Lizard Lane Caravan Park in Whitburn following a report that a caravan was on fire.

Luckily the occupier had the presence of mind to remove the gas canisters from the van before the fire could take hold.

He then managed to escape the property before crews from South Shields fire station arrived and spent an hour tackling the blaze.

Watch manager Kevin Williams said: “We were called to a caravan which was said to be well alight with possible gas cylinders involved, and, when we arrived it was well alight.

“There was nobody in the property. The occupier had managed to escape. The smoke alarm saved his life, if I’m completely honest.

“He had popped in the bedroom to check something and had dozed off. The smoke alarm alerted him and he woke to find the whole caravan full of smoke.”

Two fire fighters with breathing apparatus and two hose reels extinguished the fire, believed to be caused by a faulty log burner.

The occupier, who had only just moved into the caravan, was checked for smoke inhalation, but he was declared fit by paramedics. He then stayed in a neighbor’s caravan as his caravan was completely destroyed.

Watch manager Williams added: “Fire spreads very quickly in these type of caravans. It’s just fortunate that this gentleman had a smoke alarm.

In addition to ensuring you are safe against fire by getting a smoke alarm, it is also important to ensure your insurance is up to date to cover any damage caused. For great value insurance quotation give the team at Coast a call on 0800 614 849.