Wild camping: a beginner’s guide

If you’re a regular motorhome user and you’re looking to get that bit further off the beaten track and closer to nature, wild camping is a truly peaceful and liberating experience.

The Coast team read an interesting article on the Motorhome Fun website aimed at people who are tempted to try wild camping for the first time.

Their first piece of advice is to get into the right frame of mind: wild camping is not about saving money, it’s about enjoying scenic views and complete privacy. Although some countries forbid wild camping, most European nations allow motorhomes to stop in public places overnight, however it is worth checking local regulations to make sure you have full permission to camp at your intended destination.

The key to successfully wild camping is to be discreet and respect your surroundings. Don’t set up any paraphernalia around your motorhome such as windbreaks, furniture and washing lines, and don’t hang rubbish bags on the outside of your door.

Calculate how long your water supplies will last before setting off, as there is unlikely to be a clean water supply nearby. Similarly, you won’t be near an electric hookup. A few small changes can save valuable resources, such as using wet wipes rather than washing your face and turning off the water while you’re applying shampoo and conditioner during showering.

Whilst you’re camping, make sure you dispose of all waste responsibly. Don’t let waste water drip on the ground and make sure your nearest manhole leads to a sewer before disposing of black waste. If you are going to deposit greywater in a ditch or hedgerow make sure you’re using environmentally friendly washing up liquid and soap. All rubbish should be taken with you on departure and deposited in the nearest bin.

One other thing the article points out is to be careful of your alcohol consumption: even in an approved area, there is a chance you could be ‘moved on’ by local authorities. This means you should always be in a fit state to drive your motorhome.

You can read the full article by clicking here

Of course many you will feel more at home on a fully equipped campsite. Wherever you choose to pitch your motorhome, make sure it is protected against accidents and damage by taking out a dedicated motorhome insurance policy.

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