Winter motorhome trips

Here are four great things to see and do in your motorhome this December…

The Northern Lights, the Lofoten Islands, Norway: The Northern Lights are one of the Uk’s most popular destinations for those seeking out the beautiful Aurora Borealis. A simple web search will bring up an array of motorhome and park home sites that you can choose from. No one is guaranteed to see the lights however, so be prepared to find other activities to do.

The New Forest, Hampshire, England: The New Forest is another great place to take a winter motorhome trip; if you don’t have time to travel all over the continent then it is extra convenient too. This break is perfect for those looking for a relaxing get away and to enjoy the beautiful British countryside.

Horizon Festival, Bulgaria: If you are thinking of heading on an action packed motorhome trip this New Year then the Horizon festival based in the Bankso Ski resort could be the perfect destination for you. Don’t forget that at this time of year Bulgaria will be covered in snow however, so drive carefully!

The German Christmas Markets: German Christmas markets are famous worldwide. Each year across Germany each town holds their own Christmas market. These towns include, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Dresden and Berlin. Simple research online will allow you to find many motorhome sites near each market, they are the perfect place to get in to the Christmas sprit.

Where ever you decide to go on your winter motorhome adventure, be sure to check that your insurance is up to date. The team here at Coast are always happy to help with any insurance needs. So give us a call on 0800 614 849.